The only thing better than a brand announcing a new season flavor? That same brand announcing that the seasonal flavor will be returning for another year! Hershey’s first introduced its Lava Cake Kisses in 2019, and they’re back for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Dark chocolate lovers, this candy has your name written all over it. As described on the pink-heart-covered packaging, the treat consists of “dark chocolate with a gooey chocolate center.” That means when you bite into it, there will be a burst of oozing chocolate goodness, just like with an actual lava cake!


You won’t have to look too hard to find this limited-edition holiday flavor. The 9-ounce bags, which hold about 54 pieces, are available at Target and Walmart, among other retailers. The Lava Cake Kisses are individually wrapped in pink heart foil, which make them a cute addition to any bouquet of flowers.

If you’re feeling especially in the lava cake mood, the bag features a recipe for individual Brownie Lava Cakes. It calls for the Lava Cake Kisses, so we hope your sweet tooth (and your valentine’s) can handle it on Feb. 14.【官方首页】-甘肃体彩网如果你特别喜欢熔岩蛋糕,包装袋上还特别印有自己做巧克力熔岩蛋糕的方法。吃这款巧克力你要有“熔岩蛋糕之吻”,所以我们希望你(和爱人)甜甜的牙齿在2月14日能够做到。